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I have tried a few businesses in the past, some were somewhat successful, some were big flops. But because I have an entrepreneurial mindset, I cannot be happy in the “normal” way of living life. I have to be outside of the normal, just on the verge of people thinking I am crazy. Business is my lifestyle, my lifestyle is my business. I am proud of my business and my entrepreneurial mindset. Therefore; I felt like it was time to lay these out and really know what it is that I am striving to be. This is a framework for me to examine, inform and continually develop my thinking, my life and my business.

I will trust , respect and value my own judgment, but I will also test my work by inviting the judgment of others.

I will trust, respect and value my own talent, and continually engage in education and skill building – for my clients benefits, and my own.

I will do everything in relation to my brand at 200%. I will not compromise, shortcut, quick fix or take an easy solution to create a problem later.

I will run my business today for the business I plan on having in 10 years.

Every decision I make, I will keep my brand in mind. I will also step back and take the personal feelings out of my business, so that my choices may be clear and unaffected by emotion.

I will consistently offer my products and services without bashfulness, sloth or false pride.

I won’t compare myself to those who pose as my competitors, and I won’t worry about the state of their business because it doesn’t affect mine. I try to remember their target is not my own.

I will strive to maintain professionalism in posts, status, notes, and messages on Facebook, Twitter, and on my Blog (or any other social media that I use).

I will work as close to a regular business schedule every week, to keep a balance between work and family life. I will not choose my business before my family.

I will be involved in business no more than 5 hours every other weekend.

I know it is impossible in the world to keep my business and personal life separate online and through social media, but I will conduct both with a professionalism as my standard.

I won’t partner with a business for the sake of partnering. I will only partner with a business out of mutual respect, value and understanding.

I will believe in myself enough to say no … and to say yes. Without excuses or explanation.

I will try to recognize that not every prospect is a good client. If they question my value, then they won’t understand it.

I will explore the work of a variety of professionals at every level, and strive to serve the my professional community with an open mind and heart.

I will always speak my mind to better the industry and the business, and share my opinions and thoughts without filter, but with professionalism as my standard.

I will advocate for and respect those less experienced, and speak without fear to those who are influential and strong in reach.

I will embrace rejection, criticism, failure and mistakes and openly admit to them. I recognize that I can use all opportunities to grow.

I will listen earnestly, ask questions, and uphold respect in all that I do.

I will take at least one vacation a year, and not feel guilty about doing so.

I will take off birthdays, holidays and at least two weekends every month, without guilt.

I will be authentic and open about my experiences, life and values – both publicly and privately.

I will recognize my own strengths and weaknesses, and I will delegate to those who have greater experience, knowledge and value than I, when it behooves me to do so – and without shame.

I will always maintain helpfulness, resourcefulness, and selflessness as guiding forces in my business.

I will strive to be approachable, understanding, and trustworthy in all things.

I will be giving of my time, talents and treasures in my personal and professional community.

Do you have a personal standards commitment for your business? How about your personal life? This is the beginning of finding vision. Knowing what standards you are holding yourself accountable for is the first step. This will be your measuring stick for knowing if you have reached your destination. And once you are there, don’t think it’s over, that is just the beginning to becoming a rock star!

Jamie Koppi - The College Ungrad

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