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BIG Mistakes I Made that Bankrupted My First Business

Everyone makes business mistakes.  I have made more than a few on my own, but I want to share with you the BIG Mistakes I Made That Bankrupted My First Business 🤕   I started my first business when I was… Continue Reading →

Underactive Thyroid and Plexus – Part 1

Back in February 2017 (when I was Vegan for 28 days), I started a Thyroid Support vitamin.  I had great success with it reducing my underactive thyroid symptoms for months. However, I am happy to report that I have replaced… Continue Reading →

Work – Life – Balance

It has certainly been awhile since I wrote here to share, for that I apologize. Life has thrown some curve balls the previous few months and I had quite a few strikeouts. (It’s baseball season, and the home team is… Continue Reading →

28 Day Vegan Results – Wrap Up

Vegan wrap up!! (Results at the end) Kind of a long post but quite a few people have asked me about it. Today is my 28th and final day of self imposed veganism. I started this challenge to see if… Continue Reading →

Book Roundup – Books I Read in 2016

One of my biggest goals in 2016 (although not written down) was to read more books. As a matter of fact, I wanted to read one book a week.  I didn’t quite hit that goal, but I can say that… Continue Reading →

Life Lessons – Turning 34

As the days lead up to my 34th birthday, I want to take some time to reflect on life lessons I have acquired in my 34 years on this planet. I will be posting a few things daily until my birthday… Continue Reading →

Instant Pot is on Sale – My Favorite Products

I do not usually write about products I use that often, but when I do, know that I LOVE them.  The Instant Pot is no exception.  This thing is amazing and such a life saver for me and my family…. Continue Reading →

Outfit of the Day – Wardrobe Wednesday #1

In a new series here on the blog, I am looking at an Outfit of the Day.  I (like all the other women I know) have a board on my Pinterest that is full of cute outfits I do not… Continue Reading →

Real Life Meal Planning – The Basics

I started this series last week (see the first meal planning post here). Over the next few weeks, as everyone gears up for the new year and starting new habits (or getting rid of old habits) I am going to… Continue Reading →

Celebrate Christmas – A New Family Tradition

Growing up, Christmas was my favorite holiday.  To Celebrate Christmas and the magic of Santa, the happiness in giving (and receiving, I was a kid afterall) was something I looked forward to every year.  We had a few Christmas traditions… Continue Reading →

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