Outfit of the Day – Wardrobe Wednesday #1

In a new series here on the blog, I am looking at an Outfit of the Day.  I (like all the other women I know) have a board on my Pinterest that is full of cute outfits I do not own.  That is a problem.  I want those outfits.  They are all so perfectly put together, and I am not.


So, here is the first installment, inaugural post of the Outfit of the Day on Wardrobe Wednesday. This is where I will feature an outfit that I have on my Pinterest board, and give you links to buy the item. Now, a few disclosures before we get started:


    1. I cannot guarantee that the pricing listed on this post will be the same on Amazon – we all know that pricing is subject to change.
    2. I cannot guarantee that the item will be in stock – again, out of my control.
    3. All pricing is assuming you are an Amazon prime member, if you are not pricing may vary, or sign up here!

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This is just simply a tool to help you piece together an awesomely cute wardrobe with the help of Pinterest.


I am going to give you an inexpensive option, and an option for those that aren’t on a budget.


First – I love the look of these colors together.  It isn’t that cold here in Texas right now, so this would be PERFECT! (not my photo, not sure who to give credit to but I have linked the pin). – Click on the image to go to Amazon for purchase.



Wardrobe Wednesday 1

Black and White Striped Top:

$19.95 (as of 12/14/2016)


$88.00 (as of 12/14/2016)


Black Cardigan:

$9.99 (as of 12/14/2016)

$32.99 (as of 12/14/2016)

Pink Bottoms

$70.99 (as of 12/14/2016)


$12.96 (as of 12/14/2016)


Shoes (call me a dork, but I don’t like the shoes in the inspiration photos, I would prefer zebra shoes with this outfit).

$109 (as of 12/14/2016)

$39.95 (as of 12/14/2016)


$9.14 (as of 12/14/2016)


So, what are you waiting for…. get this super cute outfit ASAP!

Jamie Koppi - The College Ungrad

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