Life Lessons – Turning 34

As the days lead up to my 34th birthday, I want to take some time to reflect on life lessons I have acquired in my 34 years on this planet. I will be posting a few things daily until my birthday rolls around. By the way – in case anyone is interested, the only thing I want for my birthday is world peace. But since that is not happening any time soon – I would be ecstatic if a few of my friends here would do a Random Act of Kindness to celebrate my birthday. (Share on social media using this hashtag so i can follow along #ROAKforJKBDAY)

Learn to be Present

We often think/worry about what happened in the past or what problems we think are in store in the future. So much so that we neglect to live in and enjoy the present. The past already happened – it doesn’t matter now, it’s in the past (movie quote). We don’t know what is going to happen and the only thing we can control is how we are living this exact moment in time.

John Lennon once said, “Life is what’s happening while we’re busy making other plans.” While we’re busying making those plans life passes us by. Kids grow up and miss all of that with the hustle and bustle under the pressure of what societal standards deem important. We often miss the little things in life that show us how great it is to be alive.

There is no guarantee of tomorrow. We are only promised now. Stop worrying too much about the future and bring your attention back to the present. LIVE NOW.


Like I said, I will be adding more posts throughout the month of January, I have acquired quite a few life lessons through these 34 years, and I cannot wait to share them with you.

Jamie Koppi - The College Ungrad

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