My Life in 5 Years – The Vision

This week, I started an INTENSIVE 52-week Self Development Challenge, ideally this will be done with a small group of friends, but I need this time of self-development and discovery before I open it up to others. Now I’ll be honest with you, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I am the tiniest bit nervous as I have to dig deep into my psyche to get the full benefit of the challenge.  I am doing this to work on myself, and my wanna-be business.

Let’s face it, I’m still in Corporate America working my 40 hours a week. I spend my free time, weekends and evening, building my online presence. As much as I love blogging and sharing: laundry, grocery shopping, sleeping, cooking, grooming, parenting and spousing (a new word lol)  all need to get done! This causes stress, anxiety and a feeling of failure when everything doesn’t get done.  I have been searching for internal happiness for a long time (not saying I am not happy, but we could all be a bit happier).

I have a VISION of what our lives will look like once my business is going the way I want it, and that vision is the thing that’s waking me up at 2 AM,  writing this blog post, dumping the info out of my braining and blasting this out on social media.

This vision will seem simple or lazy to those that  don’t understand.  Once you have experienced the freedom of working for yourself, the little bit of freedom that this vision represents, is all you yearn for.   

In that vision, my day starts off similar to what it does now… My internal alarm clock goes off at 5 AM – 5:30 AM and I awake in my simple, but beautiful home. I take a walk, do my SAVERS (Miracle Morning). Take my health products then check out my Blog, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter, responding back to comments and messages left over night and posting some content before getting the kids out the door for school. The next hour is spent over breakfast, getting the kids ready and off to school. It’s now 8:30 AM and HERE’S where things start to get seriously different.

Instead of sitting down to start the grind of my  – J.O.B., I will sit in my peaceful and relaxing office space, listen to an inspiring podcast or watch a Ted Talk. Heck, I might even host my own, providing nuggets of wisdom for all the newbie marketers out there and pour into my team.

Up Next? I’ll spend a couple hours researching and creating some amazing content that will provide massive value and inspiration to my team members and students. I will then meet Adam for lunch and we’ll discuss plans for the amazing beach vacation we are planning for our family. The afternoon will be spent volunteering and maybe squeezing a mani/pedi in there somewhere before heading home to share a delicious dinner with the family. After dinner I will respond to messages and finish off by reading a great self-development book, or a fictional suspense thriller, take my health & wellness products before heading off to bed.

How do I make money or support my lifestyle in this vision? Well, to put simply, I help others discover and develop their dream lives.  It’s a work in progress and I will be sharing my ideas and thoughts about how to get there.

What about you? Will your life be dramatically different 1 year from now, or will it look pretty much the same as it did last year? How about 5 years from now?  My vision is a simple vision of contentment, living life on my terms.

Jamie Koppi - The College Ungrad

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