My Happiness Project – Month 2

After reading Gretchen Rubin’s “The Happiness Project” I have decided that in my self-development journey this year I will begin my own project.  It is really a mix of Gretchen’s ideas, Habit Stacking, Miracle Morning and internal reflection. But in the spirit of vulnerability and sharing, here’s what I am working on this month…

Happiness Project Month 2

What makes me happy, not what should make me happy.

February 2018 – Marriage

Focus: Increase happiness in my bond with my husband.
-Monthly Adventures
-Criticize with love
-Verbalize the positives
-Warm Hello and Goodbyes
-Kiss Daily

Monthly Adventures – some may call this a date night or the like.  However; with the prompting of my husband, we have adventures.  Each month (starting in 2018) we will do something together that we have never done before.  This is a way to still experience new things 15+ years into a relationship.  It can be small, for example, in December we had coffee together.  We have never done that before.  Small win (in my defense, I just got him into drinking coffee)

Criticize with love (or not at all) – working on showing love through my words and actions

Verbalize the positives – self-explanatory

Warm Hello and Goodbyes – offering of love and attention, even if brief, every time one of us comes and/or goes

Kiss Daily – morning and night, at least 6 seconds.

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