Election 2016 – My Thoughts

Today is the day.  

Our nation votes for the next President of the United States.  I have remained fairly neutral on my public postings.  I do not share my political thoughts very often.  I do not politically agree with many friends and family so in order to maintain peace, and still love them, it is best that I keep my opinions to myself.  This election season was exponentially harder to do so than previous elections.   

There is no place in my life or heart for all of the divisive negativity this election has brought about. No amount of online opinions will sway my thoughts one way or another. I wish others would remember that whichever candidate wins will be the leader of our country. This person should be treated with respect no matter how they feel about them at this point in time. Once they become the POTUS, it is an entirely different ball game. 

I want to be an example and teach my children what love, honor, and respect is all about. I want to show them how to respond with dignity. All I can hope for is that when the results are in, and we know who the next POTUS will be, all of my family and friends think about the example that they want to set when posting and sharing their opinions online.

Jamie Koppi - The College Ungrad

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