Don’t Set Goals You Can Easily Achieve

Everyone has goals. Life isn’t perfect all the time. You need to fail sometimes in order to reach for the next level. If you don’t try anything at all you’ll easily manifest failure by default… but if you tried and failed, then you have learned something. It is just a part of the larger picture towards coloring your success. Don’t paint your life and journey with self doubt and hatred. Believe in yourself and in your vision to allow it to come before your very eyes like a beautiful canvas that your life should really be.

I have always been one to set goals, and about 95% of the time, I reach them. But that isn’t always a good thing. I recently heard someone say, if you are achieving your goals every single time, easily, then you are not achieving goals, you are just crossing off a to do list. There is a difference. Those words resonated with me.

A goal is something that should seem big, and out of reach. Something that requires you to put forth additional effort. Something that you may not achieve but you can learn in the process of getting there. If you set a goal to make $100,000 in 6 months, but you only make $99,999, you did not achieve your goal. However; I highly doubt many of you would complain about the extra $99,999 you have in your pocket that you acquired along the way.

You see, failure is an option, and a very viable one at that. Without failure, there is no progress, and without progress you become stale and stagnant. Stagnant water stinks. So dream big, set big goals and celebrate failures because that means you at least tried!

Jamie Koppi - The College Ungrad

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