Celebrate Christmas – A New Family Tradition

Growing up, Christmas was my favorite holiday.  To Celebrate Christmas and the magic of Santa, the happiness in giving (and receiving, I was a kid afterall) was something I looked forward to every year.  We had a few Christmas traditions in our family. However; as I became an adult with my own family our traditions were… essentially nonexistent.


Every year we decorate the tree around Thanksgiving (usually a day or two after due to deer hunting season). This tradition is complete with obligatory Christmas music and hot chocolate.  On Christmas Eve, on the way home from my mom’s house, we look at Christmas lights. We always wake up around 3 am when the kids realized Santa has come and open all of the gifts under the tree. However; that is it.  That is all. Not a whole lot to speak of.


After we are over the Santa stage in our house, I want to implement some new Christmas traditions.  One of those traditions would be to study a different culture and how they celebrate Christmas and then mimic that (with our own flair) in our family that year.  It would include traditional foods, gift giving and stories.


Maybe I am crazy, maybe I am becoming one of those crazy mothers, but we lost focus somehow.  I despise the commercialization of all holidays, not just Christmas.  I enjoy gift giving, but hate the obligation to purchase a gift for everyone (even if they have everything they could ever imagine).  I want to be giving, but giving on my terms, not by society’s standards (which are pretty low by the way, but that is a post for another time).


In what ways have you changed how your family is going to Celebrate Christmas?  Have you changed any traditions from when you were a child?  I am curious, feel free to share your traditions (I am looking for ideas too).

Jamie Koppi - The College Ungrad

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