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Imperfectly Me

I am a Dreamer – With Lots of Dreams

It’s true.  While most see me as a realistic (or a pessimist at times), In my heart of hearts I am a dreamer.  I dream of a world that is peaceful and calm where people are treated with respect.  I… Continue Reading →

Fear of Rejection

Discard Your Fear of Rejection Another reason why we often fail to accomplish our goals is that we fear rejection. For instance, when it’s time to fill out a detailed application for a high-paying job, we simply might not be… Continue Reading →

Life Lessons from a Dishwasher

I have three kids, at the time of writing this, the oldest is 13. Last year she learned some valuable life lessons from the dishwasher.    First, I believe my kids need to do chores to learn how to navigate… Continue Reading →

Square Peg, Round Hole – How NOT to Fit In

To stand out, or to fit in, that is the question. Be strong enough to stand alone, be yourself enough to stand apart, but be wise enough to stand together when the time comes. – Mark Amend   Why are… Continue Reading →

Real Life Meal Planning

I know what you are thinking… Meal Planning? There are a ton of resources online for that, and to that I would say “Yeah, that’s the problem”   A few years ago, when I had 3 kids under the age… Continue Reading →

Election 2016 – My Thoughts

Today is the day.   Our nation votes for the next President of the United States.  I have remained fairly neutral on my public postings.  I do not share my political thoughts very often.  I do not politically agree with many… Continue Reading →

5 Tips – Getting Motivated & Staying Motivated

Getting motivated and staying motivated isn’t such an easy task. Even people who are successful in business and in personal relationships fall into slumps and find it hard to get motivated. If you’re in a slump right now, you know… Continue Reading →

7 Key Principles to Success

When I first heard these principles to success they were based on biblical scriptures, but regardless of where you stand on that, they are important words to be spoken into any life. So here they are, 7 Key Principles: B-… Continue Reading →

Personal Standards

I have tried a few businesses in the past, some were somewhat successful, some were big flops. But because I have an entrepreneurial mindset, I cannot be happy in the “normal” way of living life. I have to be outside… Continue Reading →

Don’t Set Goals You Can Easily Achieve

Everyone has goals. Life isn’t perfect all the time. You need to fail sometimes in order to reach for the next level. If you don’t try anything at all you’ll easily manifest failure by default… but if you tried and… Continue Reading →

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